Craft entrepreneur

“Always fascinated by the artisans of jewelry, I was attracted by their precise movements and forms that could create.

What caught me was the manual, the manual that after years I decided to learn from the master craftsmen of Arezzo and Florence.

As a Made in Italy designer of jewelery I can say that this art craft accompanies me every day in the creation of findings items and collections, true objects of desire.”



After years of training and work begins the journey of the company in 1999. As an artisan company follow all the changes necessary to grow as a company to structure and to face in the years following the market demands.

Over the years, we work with clients who believed in us, establishing lasting partnerships ideal for a mutual growth. Our production is aligned to the new technologies, adding to the manual modeling wax and brass, the drawing and three-dimensional modeling in addition to 3d printing.

The present

In 2014 Loren Jewelry moves its headquarters to meet the new needs of space and working, necessary for an expansion of the company.

In the same year the company has been recognized at European level as an “artisan-artistic company”.

Workspaces, high technology, and synergy among all areas of production, provide an ideal environment for creating collections by innovative design, for national, international customers and brands.

The design of the jewel



Made in Italy

Our production of findings products is characterized by the high quality of design, innovation, elegance and originality of the product. Each process is followed in our company in Arezzo, from our staff. We handle every stage, from design to implementation of the element gold, silver or bronze. The jewelry design is performed by specialized professionals with experience in digital and craft modeling.

Loren Jewelry offers a wide range of collections and items, using the pave stones and sublimating it as the protagonist of all creation, the colorations strong in brillant colors, to color gradients that generate fabulous optical effects.

Crafted finishing

Rubber mold

The wax

The re-cepting in wax

Preparation of casting

Tree casting

The finishing

The finishing polished


The internal structure and business efficiency enable the production and supply of semi-finished product in certain times. We create personalized jewelry to customer requests to be produced and commercialized . Each item is cataloged and coded to provide great service.


The organization and collaboration allow to have a flow of creative work and dynamic. The company employs passionate staff. Human resources are fundamental to the mission and allow the company to have a positive vision for the future and programmable.

The team