POR FESR 2014-2020 – azione 1.1.5 sub-azione a1 – Bando 2 “Progetti di Ricerca e Sviluppo delle MPMI”

Periodo di realizzazione del progetto: settembre 2020 / in corso

Importo progetto: € 200.008,00

Tasso di cofinanziamento dell’Unione: 45%

Unità locale presso cui sono state realizzate le spese oggetto del progetto: Via L. Galvani, 34 CAP 52100 Arezzo

Paese: Italia


Progetto finanziato nel quadro del POR FESR Toscana 2014-2020”

Titolo Progetto: Arte, Moda e arredo in un Processo Elettrochimico innovativo con controllo da Remoto 4.0 – circular Ecofriendly

Acronimo: AMPERE

The A.M.P.E.R.E project was born with the aim of bringing innovation to the electroplating sector, through the development of a new process focused on quality, technology and environmental sustainability. The project is developed through a path of innovation that involves the process, products and organization of multiple supply chains.

Process innovation is articulated on two fronts, chemical and environmental, developed and correlated through the Industry 4.0 paradigm. Thanks to the skills of the leader Eco-Tech Finish and the OR partner Department of Chemistry of UNIFI, the development of a new non-direct current electrodeposition process is planned, which will improve the products of the two supply chains, both from a point of functional / performance view, than aesthetic.

At the same time, the environmental impact of the process will be reduced through the construction of a prototype pilot plant, equipped with IOT sensors, which will be studied and developed by the partner Sim Green, also in collaboration with the University of L’Aquila, with the aim of experimenting with new metal recovery technologies, from galvanic waste and other types of waste, with an approach aimed at recovery, with a view to circular economy.

Product innovation will include an improvement in performance and aesthetic properties and the implementation of products with new I4.0 features, made by partners Loren Jewelry and Il Bronzetto. At the end of the project, the two End Users will have innovative product lines at their disposal, in the two respective supply chains. These products, although related to different markets, will be characterized by new surface treatments and equipped with innovative digital devices. The new products will include IoT / IoE sensor and communication systems, which include dedicated Apps, which will be developed thanks to the expertise of the OR partner DINFO – UNIFI.

DINFO will develop horizontally the issues related to the Industrial Internet, taking care of the integration of processes in an I4.0 perspective and the IoT / IoE characteristics of the products, with sensor systems that will allow real-time control of the new processes. Dashboards will be created able to manage the data of widespread systems and to put the various partner companies in communication with real-time data of the production cycles. Chemical, environmental and technological innovation, transferred to the development of innovative products and processes, will allow partners to increase their competitiveness, offering both new services in the galvanic and metal recovery sector, and new products to be put on the market for the two End Users. . The project’s perspective is to create an integrated process between partners with high technological content and low environmental impact, developed with a view to the circular economy and the smart factory, which can generate products capable of combining tradition and digital innovation.